STOE has developed a new type of diffractometer which is more flexible than any existing system without any loss in performance. The STADI MP combines the two most common diffractometer configurations: Transmission/Debye-Scherrer and Bragg-Brentano geometry with a set-up for micro-diffraction.


  • Various state of the art detectors

  • High and low temperature attachements

  • Transmission / Debye-Scherrer, High Flux and Bragg-Brentano mode

  • Geometry selection by sliding tube housing

  • No realignment after changing geometries

  • All geometries running with pure Co, Cu, Mo or Ag Kα1 radiation


Dimensions (including system cabinet, max.) 1800 x 880 x 2050 mm

Weight (complete system) 670 kg

2θ range -10° to +140° or better depending on selected geometry

Goniometer 2 circles

Radius of measuring circle 140 mm to 573 mm depending on selected geometry and detector

Radius of focusing circle 80 mm or 160 mm depending on selected geometry

X-ray sources Sealed Tubes: Co, Cu, Mo, Ag

Software WinXpow package


• Silicon strip detector MYTHEN 1K/2K/3K/4K • STOE linear wire PSD • Curved IP-PSD (80° or 140° aperture) • Point detectors


• High- and low-temperature attachments for reflection and capillary samples • Reaction chamber for reflection samples • Various sample stages • Various sample changers

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