Software X-Area

The new 32-bit software X-Area has been designed to work on all STOE Imaging Plate Detector Systems, the IPDS II, the IPDS 2T and the new STADIVARI equipped with the DECTRIS PILATUS detector. It includes the well known software tools:

  • Recipe

  • X-Shape

  • X-Red32


  • Higher data quality; 32 bits per pixel, unlimited number of reflections in lattice parameter refinement

  • Use of elliptical reflection profile for simulating the α1/α2 splitting during integration process

  • More use of GUI during measurement and data processing, leading to better control, earlier and deeper in-sight into the data

  • More flexibility due to dynamic memory management

  • Full integration of STOE's FaceitVideo

Data Acquisition

  • Intuitive interface to the diffractometer, offering direct access to all functions

  • Easy centering of the sample with the aid of the integrated FaceitVideo function

  • Automated data collection is started with just a few steps in the measuring program

  • Frames with 32 bits per pixel facilitate high data accuracy

  • User-friendly GUI optimizes the run strategy (e.g. in terms of high data completeness according to the crystal system and orientation), allowing faster and more dedicated collection of the data

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