STOE’s IPDS 2T combines all the achievements of the IPDS II with the possibility to turn the whole goniometer around the Θ axis to an angle of up to 60° yielding a 2Θmax of 137°! This additional axis makes the IPDS 2T a diffractometer of unique versatility. Featuring also the dual beam capability for using two different wavelengths on the same instrument the structure solution of small molecules and proteins as well as electron density determination and powder investigations are no challenge for the IPDS 2T.


  • One single instrument for small molecules, proteins

  • Perfect for weak scatterers

  • Reliable intensities of very weak and very strong reflections within the same frame

  • Long lifetime, low maintenance, low costs of ownership

  • Extend the features of IPDSII by collecting data up to 137° in 2θ

  • Useful for Co radiation and electron density measurements

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