With the possibility to be set-up vertically as well as horizontally, the STADIVARI increases its scope of application.

The STADIVARI can be used for single crystal and powder diffraction. The Open Eulerian Cradle offers enough space to add high pressure cells, high- or low- temperature devices or other chambers.

In the dual beam setup, all combinations of tubes and microfocus BDS are possible: two sealed tubes, one sealed tube and one microfocus BDS or two microfocus BDS.

As the youngest member of the long line of STOE diffractometers, the STADIVARI is fully integrated in the well-established STOE X-Area software package.


  • Flexible goniometer (Eulerian cradle and various fixed chi setups)

  • Sphere of confusion of less than 0.01 mm

  • Different source solutions (Standard sealed tubes, Microfocus, MetalJet or synchroton)

  • Ultrafast hybrid pixel detector

  • Various non-ambient attachments (high and low temperature, high pressure)

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