Power ICs

NVE Power ICs are designed for use with NVE sensors and isolators, as well as for general applications.

ILDC11 -15E Ultraminiature Isolated DC-DC Convertor

The ILDC11-15E is a one-quarter watt fully-regulated 3.3V-to-3.3V DC-DC convertor in an ultraminiature 3 mm x 5.5 mm DFN6 package. The part can be used to generate an isolated 3.3-volt bus supply from a controller supply. NVE’s proven IsoLoop isolation technology and a unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provide full 2.5 kV isolation and virtually unlimited barrier life.

DB-Series Power Switch ICs

DB-Series Power Switch ICs include voltage regulators and power drivers for up to 300 mA. They feature transient protection to meet rigid EMC and ESD standards, thermal shutdown for temperature protection, reverse battery protection, an LED driver, and short-circuit protection. The DB001-00 complements the AD9xx-00 short-circuit protected GMR Switch for miniature sensor assemblies. The DB002-02 is designed to provide a high-current output from any digital input, including inductive or photo sensors.

DC-Series Voltage Regulators

DC-Series voltage regulators are designed for high temperature low-current applications. They are available in 3.3 V and 5 V outputs. These rugged regulators are rated to 170 °C, can tolerate up to 36 volts input, and have reverse voltage protection. A 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm TDFN6 package provides a small footprint, and an exposed lead frame provides a low thermal resistance.

DD-Series Signal Processing ICs for Analog Gear-Tooth Sensors

DD-Series Signal Processing ICs provide a 4-20 mA output for bridge sensors such as ABL-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors.

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