Solar Cell Production

SVCS brings many year experience with quality inherent in semiconductor industry to solar cell production. SV SOL family of equipment includes horizontal batch diffusion furnace for phosphorus or boron doping/diffusion, PECVD or LPCVD horizontal batch furnace for antireflective coating and passivation, ultra high purity gas and liquid delivery systems for both full production and R&D/pilot environments.
  • Horizontal Batch Diffusion Furnace for Phosphorus/Boron Doping/Diffusion (POCL3, BBr3, etc.)

  • Horizontal Batch PECVD Furnace for SixNy Antireflective coating and passivation

  • Automatic/Manual Source Gas Cabinets (GC) for High Purity Gases (SiH4, NH3, O2, etc.)

  • Automatic/Manual Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB) for independent Gas/Liquid Delivery Lines to multiple furnaces and/or other equipment

  • Automatic Temperature Controller for furnace bubbler containers (POCL3/BBr3, etc.)

  • Bulk Liquid Media Delivery for automatic furnace bubbler containers refill

  • Horizontal Batch Diffusion Furnace for Wet/Dry Oxides (passivation, emitters masking and other on demand production cycle steps)


Wafer Handling Automation (Wafer Transfer System, Boat Elevator, Stocker, etc.)

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