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Atmospheric plasma with the quality of vacuum plasma

  • ILP - 200C - MINI

  • ILP - 500C

  • ILP - 1500R

High-quality surface treatment technology

APP’s atmospheric plasma technology does not stop at being a low-cost plasma with the quality of vacuum plasma, but produces a lot more radicals than its vacuum counterpart, thus enabling way faster surface treatments. In conclusion, plasma treatments can be easily integrated into the existing in-line process without requiring a vacuum chamber.

Eco-friendly as well as easily applicable

This technology does not produce ozone or Nox gas as by-products. It is easily applicable to metal and non-metal surface treatments such as display, mobile phone, semiconductor, automobile, glass, film, polymer, and bio-engineering. It can also be easily integrated into automated and continuous processes.

We envision long-lasting plasma devices that can operate for a hundred years. APP’s direct atmospheric plasma utilizing high-frequency waves is over ten times more effective in surface treatments compared with existing vacuum plasma technology, over 100 times more effective compared with ozone or UV cleaning technology. Our plasma solutions also include removal of organic waste, surface activation, removal of static electricity, patterning, ashing, etching, and reduction of micro-level oxidation.


Atmospheric plasma integrated in the in-line processes

  • lower cost of production due to higher productivity and eco-friendliness

  • surface treatments for various materials such as glass, film, PCB, LCD

  • lower gas and power consumption (1/20 to 1/30 compared with existing plasma systems)

  • eco-friendly treatment without secondary contamination


Processes requiring surface treatments

  • Touch screen

  • Pre-printing treatments for B/M

  • Pre-coating surface treatments for AF/AG

  • Surface treatments prior to hand cleanin

MD - 2500C

The first large-scale plasma in the world


  • Large-scale plasma for 9th generation LCD

  • TFT cleaning, EUV replacement, large glass printing, pre-coating treatments


  • TFT cleaning & activation

  • LCD cleaning & activation

  • PR / PI ashing & discum

  • BM printing & coating

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