ModuLab XM MTS

The latest generation ModuLab® XM MTS system is designed with modularity and flexibility in mind to allow for a wide range of applications. Purpose built for materials test research the ModuLab XM provides:

  • I-V (voltage scans with current measurement - used to characterize electronic and dielectric materials)

  • P-E (polarization / electric field - used to run hysteresis tests to characterize ferroelectric materials)

  • High-speed pulse (used to activate charge carriers in electronic and dielectric materials)

  • Staircase and smooth stepless analog ramp waveforms

  • Impedance, admittance, permittivity / capacitance, electrical modulus

  • C-V capacitance - voltage, Mott-Schottky

  • Automatic sequencing of time domain and impedance/capacitance measurements

ModuLab XM MTS is able to auto-sequence all of the above techniques for charge carrier activation and analysis, without changing sample connections. Temperature control is also built into the software via cryostats, furnaces and probe stations.

The ModuLab XM is a modular system that can be configured for the following applications:

Dielectric Materials

  • Ferro/piezoelectrics | MEMs | NEMs| multiferroics | polymers |solid oxides SOFC | ionic conductors | solid electrolytes, quantum dots

Electronic Materials

  • LED | LCD | OLED | MEMs | OPV | Si | DSSC | OFET | Ge | GaAs | Perovskite materials

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