PBR series

Regenerative DC Power Supply

Max voltage: 80Vdc to 1500Vdc

Max current: 10A to 360A

Max power: 5kW, 10W, and 15kW

Bidirectional operation

Adopting Air-through Circuit Blocking Technology

  • With the rise of EVs and hybrid cars, various devices related to bidirectional inverters and motors are being developed. Our PBR series, as a power supply simulating batteries required to develop those devices, is playing an active role.

  • When compared to existing bidirectional power supplies, PBR series that is smaller and parallel operation available allows you to flexibly cope with varying needs for evaluation and testing. Moreover, the bidirectional power supplies developed by Matsusada Precision are expected to contribute to technology development such as solar power and renewable energy.

Features and benefits

State-of-the-art semiconductor

  • In order to minimize the heat generation itself inside the power supply, we adopted the latest device including semiconductor elements of high efficiency via thorough examination. This enables the product to provide such a sufficient cooling function to maximize the high performance.

Air-through Circuit Blocking Technology

  • Following the structure review of the circuit blocking, the product has been made smaller, and we also have put more focus on the improvement of block arrangement contributing to the space efficiency by extremely reducing the dead space. Consequently, we achieved the significant development of the high-density mounting technology. While extra spaces inside the device had been required to release the heat so far, we successfully made the product even smaller to ensure the total amount of height of a mere 133 mm.

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