HB05 Wire Bonder


Our HB05 gives you an easy access to the topic of bonding.

Look, aim, bond - done.

4“ TFT

Multibutton Display

Fast Access to all parameters

Our long tested 4“control panel provides you with an intuitive entry bonding with our product. All processes are visible for you at any time.

One Bond Head

for Wedge, Ball, Bump,& Ribbon

With our machines there is no need to change the bond head, no matter the application. Just switch tool tips, fast and easy. All bonding modes are at your disposal any time.

Deep & Wide

Bond Access - Ample work-space due to Special

Bond Head Design

We install extra-long bond arms/transducer in all our bonders. Further is the clamp and its screw installed on top of the tool instead of behind it. This unique combination is the key to access narrow spaces directly in the housing of your application.

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